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Bigadi brand.jpg

rawboss partnered with MUZMM

Brands Backpacks.

3-in-1 ways to carry. Each bag can hold a laptop, waterbottle & 7 sets of summer clothes.

Promo Code : YeahMane 

20% off your entire order



___Muzmm Backpacks____Everybody's chasin
___The Big Ash Muzmm Backpack____I'm in

Live Without Doubts



Get to Know Bigadi™ Designer footwear.

I grew up being allowed to have one pair of shoes per school year, so my shoe had to last. I’d wear the shoe till it couldn’t be worn anymore. That taught me to have a greater appreciation for shoes. I had my only pair of shoes stolen because I kept em too clean and had to wear my grandmothers pair of shoes to school. My smile was never accepted but I felt my shoes could make up for it, even though they weren’t the fanciest. So I started adding material to my clothing and shoes to give it my own touch, and stand out. I just woke up one day and eventually did it to all my shoes and clothes. Without a doubt. Who would’ve thought, now I am actually designing my own shoe line. Live without doubts. Long. Live. Loyalty.

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Bigadi brand 4.jpg
Bigadi brand.jpg

Music Videos


feat. Jael Johnson


Directed By

Xclusiv Media

Superior Dave
It's officially in effect.jpg
Rawboss Vydia MTVU.jpg

   The music video that started it all. I wrote this song while in prison and knew it had to be done right. It wasn't until I reached out to Jael Johnson that I knew the song would reach it's full potential. The vision I initially saw in my mind was now there. I only wish I could've got her on the music video.

   The song got heavy placement on internet radio stations all over the world with the help of The Akademia, and ReverbNation absolutely loved it. It was played in Australia, Germany, The Philippines, Europe, Asia, Africa, China, Japan, America, &nearly every continent known to mankind. Pieces was favored on independent television shows IndiMusic TV, Poze TV, Talent Watch TV, Bongo Boy TV & more. The music video was then placed on satellite cable TV stations across the nation for an entire season from coast to coast. It was a major accomplishment.

   Jael's beautiful voice was a perfect fit and the lyrics of the song are directed at my own personal need of counseling dealing with life and it's complications. The gloominess of the video was amazing and Superior Dave of Xclusiv Media was great as always with the direction of the music video. Pieces is simply put, an incredible song in hip-hop and a great contribution to the culture that shows hip-hop music in today's time is still filled with substance and meaning looking into keeping the respect here to stay. This song would later go on to define Rawboss as a music artist & as a person. 

Screenshot 2015-06-15 at 05.29.52 PM.png


Directed By

Xclusiv Media

Superior Dave
Looking for pure entertainment from up a


Instagram - Mid-day just finished writin
Eureka Award Winning Music Video_edited-

   Eureka is a one of my favorites and came to me on the spot in the whole creative process. My producer and I wanted to go so many directions with this song, and something within me wouldn't let politics escape. A touchy topic, non the less it's part of life.


   One verse speaks directly to the government from issues on inequality to corruption,speaks directly to todays's church and the influence it has on society, while another verse speaks directly to todays's church and the influence it has on society, and the last verse speaks to the streets on the stress of us all becoming more accountable as people . 

   Eureka has been on international television show "The Chubb Show with Host Dominican Chubb" with OKTV, Los Angeles TV show "PlatinumDrop", New Jersey TV show "Indi Music TV", and won awards while receiving internet radio play. 


My music video continues to be on nation


Dreams Don't Come True

"Dreams Don't Come True" by @official_ra

   Dreams Don't Come True was a fan favorite of many radio stations and has been placed on several independent television shows. It has noticeably won top honors on some and received awards for the lyrics as well as quality.

   DDC continues to do well and is a song I enjoy performing to encourage the opposite of what people see when they hear they title. I promote as much as possible for people to follow their dreams regardless of their situation and to stay true to the morals, values, & principles we were raised on.

   Time and time again, I find countless people in today's society giving up on life and living a godless life without a care for the world, the people in it & let alone, themselves. Coming to grip with reality is one of the best ways we can release our selfishness and come to terms with a full out acceptance of how life should be lived. 


Instagram - Still had ⌚time to 🚙swang t


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Front Cover. Mixtape Christmas 2014. Ava
Back Cover. Mixtape Christmas 2014. Avai

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